Strategic Call Center Technical Support Services

If your organization is facing challenges in technical support services, consider outsourcing technical support services to Outsourcing Alliance. We have experienced technical support executives who apart from having technical knowledge are excellent customer support representatives. At Outsourcing Alliance, we take support services a step higher by making sure that we understand our customers’ business environment, system variables and business requirements. All this equips us as an ideal technical helpdesk services partner.

Outsourcing Alliance’s Technical Helpdesk Services

Outsourcing Alliance Solutions provides global customers with all Levels of technical support services to varied business to customer and business to business segments. Outsource online computer support services to Outsourcing Alliance and we will address your call center technical helpdesk requirements with our stringent processes and efficient services.

Enterprise Technical Helpdesk Services
  • Issue resolutions
  • Knowledge management
  • Application support
  • Reporting and decision support
  • Software support
  • Trouble ticket management
Technical Support Services (L1 & L2)
  • Voice
  • Email
  • Online Chat
Managed Technical Support Services
  • Network support
  • Remote network services
  • Remote server services
  • Remote infrastructure support
Post-sales Support Services
  • Troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • Installation support
  • Warranty support
  • Return authorization
  • Desktop support
  • Application support
Pre-sales Support Services
  • Lead generation & Qualification
  • Customer analysis
  • Information provision
  • Order management
Customer Sales & Support Services
  • Payment Support
  • Resolving billing issues
  • Order processing/provisioning
  • Sales Support
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The Call Center Technical Support Team at Outsourcing Alliance
With Outsourcing Alliance you can have an instant access to a pool of experienced professionals in a sophisticated IT-enabled Call Center Infrastructure, to give you technical support services within agreed-upon response times underpinned by SLAs. Support consultants from Outsourcing Alliance work closely with customer teams in developing innovative solutions and resolving technical issues.
They leverage the power of knowledge banks, technical resources and competency centers to come up with relevant and timely online computer support services. Our technical support team ensures superior delivery of services through our rigorous recruitment, training and development programs.
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Benefits of Outsourcing Technical Support Services to the Philippines
• Cost-effective online computer support services

• Experienced and trained technical helpdesk executives

• Call center technical helpdesk services on a daily basis

• Flexible pricing methodology and pricing models

• Improved customer support services

• Streamlined business processes

• Save on time, effort and resources

Outsourcing Email Support Services to Outsourcing Alliance

Does your organization receive thousands of emails from customers which go unnoticed and unanswered? Outsourcing email support services can help you answer these email queries from customers within a fast turnaround time. When you outsource email support services, you can save on precious time and concentrate more on your organization’s core competencies.

Outsourcing Alliance, a pioneer in outsourcing has been providing a wide range of professional services that cater to varied industries. We have over 13 years of experience in providing customer support services to global customers and we can proficiently answer emails and customer queries on your behalf.

By outsourcing non voice support services to Outsourcing Alliance, you can be assured that all your emails would be answered and your customer queries addressed. Our email support customers have benefited from our quick response time. Outsource email support services and experience a tremendous improvement in sales, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

At Outsourcing Alliance we have a highly skilled, trained and experienced team of call center professionals who are well-trained in the providing competent non voice support services. Our skilled email support professionals can answer all your emails with appropriate and prompt replies. Outsourcing Alliance’s email support professionals are skilled in customer care, technical support, order fulfillment, verification, complete query resolution and resolving escalated cases.

You can be assured that your emails will be answered accurately, within a fast turnaround time. Since our professionals work on a daily basis, none of your emails will go unanswered. Outsource to Outsourcing Alliance and get access to high-quality non voice support services at a cost-effective price.

Our team can efficiently answer a number of email queries related to service-related queries, queries regarding complaints billing, product queries, after sales queries, information queries. We can also use email support services to up-sell and cross-sell your organization’s products and services. Our team can also collect feedback from your customers.

Since all your customers’ queries will be answered on a daily basis, there would be no need for you to state your business hours to your customers. You can save on investing in a customer support or call center team and you can concentrate more on your core business functions. Outsourcing email support services to Outsourcing Alliance can help you benefit from increased customer service quality and availability.

Advantages of offshoring non voice support services to Outsourcing Alliance

High-quality and professional email support services at a cost-effective prices

Stringent quality control processes to ensure quality at every stage

Fast and accurate replies to email queries on a daily basis

Experienced, qualified and trained email support professionals

Quick turnaround time, improving efficiency

Increased customer service quality, availability and satisfaction

Chat Support Services

Does your organization suffer from a lack of sales? Are your customers dissatisfied? If your answer is yes to the above questions, then outsourcing live chat support services can help your organization. For online selling companies, live chat support is very important as it can improve your customers’ satisfaction and increase your sales. More than 50% of your website visitors can be converted into prospective customers by accurate online support services.

Live chat support services can enable you to sell your products/ services in a more effective way. Outsourcing Alliance, a pioneer in providing outsourcing solutions has over 13 years of experience in providing high-end call center and customer support services to global customers. Our online chat support services can help your organization see an improvement in customer satisfaction. Outsourcing chat support services to Outsourcing Alliance can increase your sales significantly.

Answer Queries Immediately

Chat support has more advantages when compared to email support as your customers’ queries are immediately answered and there is no need for follow-ups.

Get More Information About Your Customers

Your organization can get more information about potential customers and what they are interested in. This critical information can help you to better understand what your customers are looking for.

Concentrate on Core Competencies

Outsourcing online chat support services can enable your organization to concentrate more on your company’s core competencies. You can pay more attention to sales and marketing, while your customers’ queries are answered by professionals on a daily basis.

Outsourcing Live Chat Support Services to Outsourcing Alliance

At Outsourcing Alliance, we can provide you with a wide variety of live chat support services such as, force chat, pro active chat and visitor initiated chat. Our chat support professionals are trained to provide expert chat support services for customer services, technical support, lead generation, information on products/services, assistance in ordering, queries related to billing, order fulfillment, order verification and other order processing queries amongst others.

We can provide your customers with expert and accurate live chat support services on a daily basis. Your customers will be able to get immediate answers to their queries with our live chat support services. Our trained professionals can provide your customers with immediate information about your products/services. Our team has been trained to cross-sell and up-sell to customers. We can also provide you with detailed statistics/reports and chat satisfaction surveys.

Outsource chat support services to Outsourcing Alliance and benefit from an increase in revenue as more visitors to your website will be converted into prospects. Experience a shorter sales cycle as your customers’ queries would be immediately addressed by our instantaneous chat support services. Our expert live chat support services can instill trust in your customers and this can lead to increased customer loyalty.

Live chat services help your organization to:

  • Turn visitors into customers

  • Assist your customers

  • Increase registrations

  • Provide technical support to customers

  • Increase your ROI

  • Generate leads at a cost-effective price

  • Cross-sell & up-sell

  • Reduce cancellations

  • Get access to customers’ email addresses and use it for effective email marketing and lead generation

  • Deflect your toll free calls to the chat support team and thereby save on phone bills

Advantages of Outsourcing Online Chat Support Services to Outsourcing Alliance

Outsourcing chat support can help you save on time, effort and resources, while seeing an increase in your revenue.

Chat Support Software

We have trained our chat support team on all the latest chat software. In case, you would like us to use a different chat software, we can train our team to use the software of your choice. We can also suggest the best chat software to be used based on the volume and type of your business requirements.

Chat Systems

Our chat systems are secure and are SSL based chat systems. Customers can leave in a message when offline. We have a canned response manager and our chat support executives can chat in multiple languages by using the multiple languages feature. Pages, links images and proactive messages can be sent seamlessly. Our chat systems can also support simultaneous chats with ease. We can also track browsing history, visitor history, the time spent on a particular page and visitor browser type

Advantages of Online Chat Support

  • Cost-effective and professional chat support services

  • Experienced, and qualified chat support professionals

  • Live chat support services on a daily basis

  • Increase in revenue and customer satisfaction

Email Support Outsourcing

Maintaining an efficient and continuous communication with clients has become an essential part of the business world today. It is a huge part of customer relationship that ensures that your clients feel valued and cared for. Right now, the Email has become one of the most powerful communication tool and non-voice technical support system. It is an essential part of both internal and external communication for businesses. It is also a very easy way to establish communication with clients too.

Whether it’s the incoming or outgoing emails, companies need to efficiently handle it to reap the amazing benefits of the email. Unfortunately, not all companies and businesses have the resources to effectively handle over hundreds of emails every day. Email support outsourcing services can help you manage your business emails and ensure continuous communication with your clients and customers.

Outsourcing Alliance offers various non-voice technical support services including the very important email support outsourcing. We understand how important the emails are for businesses and offer our customized solution to meet your expectations. We offer a very cost-effective email support outsourcing services to a wide range of industries for their various businesses. customer care and marketing activities. Our non-voice technical support include email support outsourcing services and we handle all kinds of requirements. We have the right resources, the expertise, and highly skilled team to handle the email support services. Through our exceptional services, we help our clients empower their brand building.

Our email support outsourcing services includes creating client specific databases and resource banks matching your specific business function. This way, we provide an efficient and domain-specific help to customers. We use the latest tool, technique and proven methods to help you establish email marketing and communication strategy that offer high return on your investments.