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Simplified Outsourcing Solutions

Outsourcing Alliance is your business process outsourcing partner in Manila, Philippines. Our team of experienced outsourcing professionals will ensure that your offshore operations are tailored to your companies individual needs. We pride ourselves on building offshore teams which are truly an extension of your onshore operations in sync with the evolving requirements of your business.

We will work with you to grow your business efficiently and cost effectively. The Outsourcing Alliance team works with all sizes of outsourced operations across multiple industries. With clients spanning the globe our team support an array of business processes.

Tailored Outsourcing

We are proud to be one of the leading companies in providing business process outsourcing (BPO) service in Manila. We merge our experience with your unique business processes.

Inbound Call Centre Services

A professional and committed workforce ready to work with our partners to create the best in Global Customer Service.

Outbound Call Centre Services

With developed sales strategies, the team at OA have managed multiple sales campaigns across a multitude of industries.

Telemarketing Services

Outsourcing telemarketing services can help your organization augment your existing customer relationships.

Technical Support Services

We partner with you to emulate your most intricate systems to give your customers the support they need in a timely manner.

Email & Chat Support Services

Outsourcing email & chat support services can help you answer queries from your customers within a fast turnaround time.

Back Office Services

Reduce costs & address your data management and Administration requirements. Quality Assurance is a vital component in this process.

Our Services

Outsourcing Alliance has a clear direction for development of its services, target markets and human resource strategies.

You will be assured of our high and consistent quality, on-time delivery, and security of information and data. OA is strictly committed to delivering high-quality, speedy, secure results.

Call Centre Services

A dedicated workforce ready to work with our partners.

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Technical Support Services

Providing required customer support in a timely manner.

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Back Office Services

Reduce costs & increase Quality Assurance results.

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Why Hire Outsourcing Alliance?

At Outsourcing Alliance, we offer only the best for our customers. In essence, BPO or Business Process Outsourcing can be dubbed as the method for outsourcing a segment or complete set of the back-house processes required for the proper functioning of a business. As a top-ranked name for BPO offshore outsourcing, we take proper care of all your incoming work-related documents & eventually convert the same into data to be used for other critical processes in your business.

Here are some reasons for you to hire us:

1-Reduced Costs:

One factor that drives a huge amount of traffic to outsourcing services is the cost-effectiveness. Hiring talent-heads from Outsourcing Alliance brings you the promise of pocket-friendly services. Hiring our in-house experts saves you a lot as compared to domestic help. You save in terms of the payroll tax, superannuation, insurance policies, office space, supplies, or computer systems. With BPO offshore outsourcing services, you get access to cheaper services for better business growth.

2-Easy Project Management:

With critical aspects such as social media, the internet, as well as tech-friendly tools for online collaboration, it has become easy to keep tabs on the status or progress of the employees. This comes in handy especially when your employees are based far away on the other side of the world. Whether you choose inbound call center services or outbound call center services from Outsourcing Alliance, you get access to software systems that help manage projects, time, or tasks in a streamlined process.

3-Simpler Process for On-boarding:

Finding a remote worker can be much easier as compared to having in-house employees. When hiring our remote workers, you don’t have to struggle when finding the right employee to get your job done. All you need is an agreement contract to get things started with us in terms of telemarketing services in Australia or BPO offshore outsourcing.

4-Endless choices in terms of talent:

Another amazing reason for you to hire our services for BPO offshore outsourcing is the fact that you get access to endless choices in terms of talent. We house a team of expert individuals that have been working in their respective field for years. We ensure proper training for all our in-house employees to ensure that there is a seamless flow in terms of work.

5-Holiday Schedule & Time-Zone Factor:

Another factor that comes into play for BPO offshore outsourcing services is the fact that while you sleep, depending on the time zone, the team hired by you would be working on the task at hand. By the time you reach the office, the work will be ready to go. Plus, there are several holidays that might not be celebrated in Australia. So, you get a team that works even as you celebrate your holidays.